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Hollow casting is not recommended for our molds.
It is possible, but extremely difficult.

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S.25   .25" Pop Up Sphere Mold
Gear05   Action Gears
CL08   Adventure Cake Liner
ST006   Amazon Leaves Showpeels
ST023   Angel Fish Aquarium Showpeels
SPR004   Apex
PI014   Aragon Amulet
Bot109   Arrowtip Leaf Mold 10"
ArtBook   Artisan Pastry-Silicone Molds
ArtPal   Artist Palette
CCFX04   Asparagus
CL13   Autumn Cake Liner
ST015   Baby Blue Marlin Showpeels
ST019   Bali Aquarium Showpeels
CL09   Balloon Fest Cake Liner
PI031   Bejeweled
SPR005   Beveled Icicles
DRGN   Bhutan Dragon
ST022   Big Angel Fish Showpeels
ST018   Big Bali Showpeels
ST026   Big Dolphin Showpeels
ST020   Big Laguna Showpeels
ST014   Blue Marlin Showpeels
Bundle   Book Bundle
ST031   Bora-Bora Conch Showpeels
ST007   Borneo Leaves Showpeels
Bot111   Botsil Leaf Mold 5"
Bot110   Botsil Leaf Mold 8"
PI022   Cabochon Crest
PM003   Candy Caviar
CB01   Caramel Bites-Square
PSK02m   Cascade Pastry ShowKit- Mini
PSK02p   Cascade Pastry ShowKit- Pro
Bot101   Catalpa Leaf Mold 13"
CCFX15   Cauliflower
Sekt   Champagne Bottle
CCFX20   Cherry
JMat01   Circle Jumble Mat (+4 inclusions)
JMat-inc01   Circle Replacement Inclusions-4
SLVR01   Circle Sliver Mat
PI016   Classic Cameo
PI013   Classic Leaf
Gear02   Clock Gear
PI017   Coastal Twist
NSet   Complete Noodle Set
BCAC   Confectionery Art Casting Book: Silicone Mold Making for Pastry Chefs
CCF10   Confectionery Casting Frames (Set of Four)
PtCongrats1   Congratulations Pastry Text
CastMat01   Coral Casting Mat-11½˝
CastMat02   Coral Casting Mat-18"
CCFX06   Corn Cob 6"
CCFX08   Corn Nibble
CCFX09   Corn Rings
Cube1   Cube Mold 1"
CCFX06b   Cylinder Insert 6"
Gear03   Daisy Wheel
PI011   Deco Snaps
ST008   Dewdrop Leaves Showpeels
FlapJack01   Diamond Press
ST027   Dolphin Pod Showpeels
PI024   Dragon Eyes
ST003   Dragonfly Showpeels
FEL   Easel Mold
EMat01   EntreMat with Bottom
EMat02   EntreMat without Bottom
Base06   Faceted Base-Large
Base05   Faceted Base-Small
Bot105   Fan Elm Leaf Mold 6.5"
F001   Fancy Large Frame Mold
CCFX05   Fig
CL01   Fireworks Cake Liner
CLK01   Fireworks Cake Liner Set
CLT01   Fireworks Cake Top
FD05   Flavor Drops .5"
FD075   Flavor Drops .75"
FD1   Flavor Drops 1"
FD1-25   Flavor Drops 1.25"
FD1-5   Flavor Drops 1.5"
FDSet5   Flavor Drops Set (5 molds)
ST005   Flight Showpeels
CL03   Floral Cake Liner
CLK03   Floral Cake Liner Set
CLT03   Floral Cake Top
PM001   Floral Press Mold
PI043   Floral Pull
PI028   Floral York
GLF1   Golf Ball Mold
GrFlower   Green Flower Press
GrLeaf   Green Leaf Press
GrPeanut   Green Peanut
GrWood   Green Wood Press
SPR002   Half-Round Spire 24"
PtAnniv1   Happy Anniversary Pastry Text
PtBDay1   Happy Birthday Pastry Text
PI037   Harem Pillows
F007   Heron Song
HIVE   Hive Mold, 6 cavity with compression plates.
Bot107   Hollyhock Leaf Mold 6.5"
Bot106   Hollyhock Leaf Mold 9.5"
CCFX18   Honeycomb HexMat
PM005   Hosta Leaf Press
PI009   Infinite Knot
Tega1   Jaguar Mold
ST002   Jasmine Butterflies Showpeels
PM004   Jetty Press
Base01   Jeweled Base 5"
Base02   Jeweled Base 6"
Jumbl10   Jumble Box 10"
Jumbl6   Jumble Box 6"
Bot112   Jungle Rhubarb Leaf Mold 18"
ST016   King Seahorse Showpeels
Base08   Knox Bars
ST021   Laguna Cove Showpeels
Fan   Large Asian Fan
EggLg   Large egg mold, 6 cavity with compression plates.
F004   Large Family Classic Frame Mold
FB1-25   Large Flavor Bars
CL04   Leopard Cake Liner
CLK04   Leopard Cake Liner Set
CLT04   Leopard Cake Top
Bot104   Maple Leaf Mold 10"
Bot102   Maple Leaf Mold 4.5"
Bot103   Maple Leaf Mold 6"
F003   Martha's Vineyard Frame Mold
PM002   Mercury Ripple
MSet   Metal Construction Set (2 molds)
FB025   Micro Flavor Bar
PI033   Mime Swirl & Koi Dots
ST004   Mini Bug Collection Showpeel
CCFX07   Mini Cobs
ST011   Mini Leaves Showpeels
CCFX13   Mini Pumpkin
T-MK   Mold Knife
MMclass   Mold Making Class
CCFX17   Mussel Shell
ST030   Nautilus Showpeels
PI041   Ninja Blossom
PSK04m   Ninjas Way Pastry ShowKit- Mini
PSK04p   Ninjas Way Pastry ShowKit- Pro
ST001   Nouveau Butterfly Showpeel
F006   Nouveau Dessert Tray
ST028   Ocean Play Showpeels
PI035   Ostrich Plume
GeoMat03   Oval GeoMat
JMat03   Oval Jumble Mat (+4 inclusions)
JMat-inc03   Oval Replacement Inclusions-4
SLVR03   Oval Sliver Mat
PSK03m   Pastry Grasp Pastry ShowKit- Mini
PSK03p   Pastry Grasp Pastry ShowKit- Pro
PtSet01   Pastry Text Set
VP03A   Pastry Vines: Set of 6 Curls
VP01A   Pastry Vines: Set of 6 Spikes
VP05A   Pastry Vines: Set of 6 Stepped Circles
VP02A   Pastry Vines: Set of 6 Waves
VP04A   Pastry Vines: Set of 6 Whips
FlapJack02   Pebble Press
CCFX19   Petite Apple
PLT001   Petits Fours Platter
CCFX16   Pistachio
Base09   Platter Ellipse
PI030   Poodle Ties
PopUp1   Pop Up Sphere Mold 1"
PopUp1-5   Pop Up Sphere Mold 1.5"
CL05   Prism Cake Liner
CLK05   Prism Cake Liner Set
CLT05   Prism Cake Top
EMPush   Push-Push
EggQ   Quail Egg - Eight Cavity
PI027   Quilted Hearts
PI039   Raspberry Caps
D-REG   Regulation Dice
CL02   Retro Cake Liner
CLK02   Retro Cake Liner Set
CLT02   Retro Cake Top
GeoMat01   Ring GeoMat
CCFX22   Root Veggie Mold
CCFX21   Round Apple
CL06   Safari Cake Liner
F002   Santa Fe Frame Mold
ST029   Scallop Shells Showpeels
ST017   Seahorse Family Showpeels
GSet5   Set of Five Sphere Molds
ST013   Seychelles Showpeels
D-SHW   Showpiece Dice 1"
EMSwirl   Showpiece Swirl with Vinyl
STrntbl   Showpiece Turntable
SS06   Showstopper™ Bouquet
SS05   Showstopper™ Couples
SS02   Showstopper™ Flame
SS02inc   Showstopper™ Flame Inclusions (10 pieces)
SS03inc   Showstopper™ Heron Inclusions (8 pieces)
SS03   Showstopper™ Herons
SS04   Showstopper™ Violin
SS01   Showstopper™ Waves
SS01inc   Showstopper™ Waves Inclusions (6 pieces)
SilHalf   Silicone Half-Rounds
N018   Silicone Noodle 18"
N005   Silicone Noodle 5 foot long
Bot108   Silver Oak Leaf Mold 8"
SPR003   Small 12" Tapered Spire

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