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Please Be Aware.
Hollow casting is not recommended for our molds.
It is possible, but extremely difficult.

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Sugar artists and competition chefs know the important role vinyl plays when making sugar showpieces. If you need to make crystal clear, glass-like sugar castings, vinyl is the way to go.

Helpful hints: When pouring onto vinyl, always have a sheet of parchment paper beneath for easy removal and portability.

Note: We ship our vinyl in rolls. To help with flattening, reverse roll it on a flat surface and weigh the back down with sheet pans. You can also unroll it and place it in the sun. Download our Vinyl Care Sheet here.

Do not use vinyl for baking.

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Sugar Showpiece Vinyl (16" x 48")
Your Price $55.00

Sugar Showpiece Vinyl (16" x 24")
Your Price $35.00